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You want to become a fox, nothing more simple! Register for free on the BFOX website and complete all the information needed to create a full profile visible on the BFOX app (information, training, experience, disciplines taught, rates, location and area of ​​intervention, as well as your social networks and other details). Once your registration is finished, the BFOX team will visit your profile as soon as possible before confirming and putting it online on the application, BFOX will send you the good news of your validation by e-mail.


After downloading the free BFOX app, quickly find your coach using the Filter Tool at the top left: Specify your coaching preferences namely the discipline, the rating assigned by the BFOX community, the desired language, and your fork. price, you can also select a coaching location.

BFOX will do the rest by offering coaches near you! Select your Fox, check out its calendar and secure your next coaching by choosing the subscription formula that suits you. BFOX gives you the ability to pay in-app or cash your Fox, according to its preferences. BFOX will take care of reminding you of your coachings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fox?
Within BFOX, the Fox is the coach

Is it free to register as Fox?
Yes, access to the BFOX service as a coach is totally free.

I want to start giving coachings, how do you take it?
Just register on the BFOX website and take the time to complete its profile with a photo, a brief Biography, experience (s), certificates, certificates, social networks and your availability. The more complete your profile, the more chances are to be solicited. BFOX does not impose any constraints, you work freely and set your availabilities and your own rates. BFOX will give you an overview of your BFOX app at the end of your registration.

How to choose my hourly rate and who will I have paid?
You are free to define your hourly rate for each discipline taught. Do not forget to take into account your training, your experience, and stay competitive by observing the coaching market for your sector. If you have connected a Stripe account, the settlement of your coachings will be done by the coachus be in-app at the time of the reservation either in cash at the choice of the coach BBFOX. If you have not connected Stripe account, the only payment offered on the application will be cash.

How to receive electronic payments? See you in the "My Payments"> "Method of Payment" tab to connect (and create if necessary) a Stripe account. This will allow you to receive payments made by the BBFOX. The transaction is direct from BBFOXs to FOXS. BFOX is not an intermediary and does not have access to its money in transit. To complete the connection of your Stripe account, it is imperative to complete your cancellation conditions in hours prior to coaching, ex: the cancellation of a coaching is free until 24 hours before the session.

A BBFOX has already paid its in-app coaching but has canceled, what to do?
Check the cancellation conditions in "My payments"> "Method of Payment". If the coach or coach canceled too late, after the repayment limit you had fixed, you are not required of anything. In the opposite case, you are required to rebate through your Stripe account. For more information about Stripe transactions, please visit the Stripe website.

Who can become a Fox? BFOX is convinced that everyone has skills, talents, expertise to share. So do not wait and join the community of BFOX!

How to get stars on my ad?
By default, 5 stars will be visible on your profile. The app will propose to your coache to note you after each coaching, maintain a quality coaching (and certainly, in BFOX coach that you are, you will not miss it, we know) and your score will stay at the top!

How to edit information about my profile?
To change the information about your Fox profile, log in to your Fox space on and browse The different tabs of the menu of your space.

How to add / edit a photo to my profile?
To add a photo to your profile Go to your Fox space, tab "My profile".

Where and how should I indicate my availabilities for coachings?
To complete your calendar, go to your FOX space in the Calendar tab. Select one or more time ranges to add your free hours to coach.

Where and how to specify my moving zone?
In your FOX space, in the "Location" tab, you can choose in km your intervention, it is materialized on the card just below. Be sure to zoom the card to place the pingle-fox as precisely possible

How to resume links to my social networks on my profile?
Go to your Fox space, click on the "My social networks" tab and copy-paste links to your profiles. Thus, when users will consult your profile on the BFOX application, they will be able to consult the pages of your social networks directly.

How will I receive In-App payments (made by clients from the application)?
When registering, you will be asked to create a stripe account for free to receive In-App payments. You can always connect it later via "my payments".

How can I delete my profile on BFOX?
If you want to delete your profile on BFOX, log in to your space and go to the "My Account" tab. Simply click Delete My Account below your profile picture. We hope to see you again on BFOX 😃

Are there specific administrative formalities for coachings organized via BFOX? BFOX is a BBFOXS linking service that seek to coach by FOXS available on The BFOX platform. As an intermediary, BFOX does not intervene directly in the BBFOXS / FOXS relationship. BFOX nevertheless invites users to comply with the fiscal and social obligations in force in their country, such as the declaration of income or possible authorizations to exercise certain activities.

Does BFOX help users to comply with the administrative formalities?
To facilitate the administrative procedures, BFOX puts on arrangements in the "My payments" tab of your Fox space Descriptive of each of your coachings with the raw sum indicated.

I want to cancel a coaching with a BBFOX, what should I do?
The Fox will have the opportunity to cancel a coaching from his agenda by selecting the reserved session. By security, BFOX always asks you to confirm the cancellation. The coach or coach (BBFOX) will be notified by email and by notification that coaching is canceled, you will also receive a cancellation confirmation email.

The coaching I have to cancel is already paid in-app by the BBFOX, what to do? BFOX does not intervene in the transactions between Fox and BBFOX. However, Stripe always leaves you the opportunity to repay a client (e) with or without fees depending on the deadline since the payment. You can consult the Stripe website for more information on this subject.

Other questions?
Do not hesitate to send us an email to: . We will be delighted and delighted to answer you!

What is a BBFOX?
Within BFOX, it is the people seeking to be coached, accompanied in a particular discipline (coaches and coaches).

How can I find a coach?
After downloading the free BFOX app, quickly find your coach using the filter tool at the top left: Idicate your coaching preferences namely The discipline, the rating attributed by the BFOX community, the desired language, and your price range, you can also select a coaching place. The geolocation system will offer you coaches near you, with the scoring indicated and prices that suits you. By clicking on the "Fox" of your choice, you will have access to the coach's sheet that will resume a brief presentation, training and experiences, access to its social networks, its hourly price, its agenda and its availabilities.

How to access the full information of the Fox?
The coach's sheet will be accessible after choosing a monthly, half-year or annual subscription.

Why do you ask me my credit card to access the full profile of Coachs?
You have to enter a credit card number (with CVC code) in order to subscribe to subscription which will give you access to all coaches. The payment of the subscription allows BFOX to continue working to further improve your experience. BFOX has, at any time, access to your bank details. These are encrypted and accommodated securely by our partner Stripe.

How to book a coaching with a Fox?
If you are interested in a coach, just click on the latter, on "Book a coach" and follow the 4 steps reservations. The payment of the coach will be done either "IN-APP" by credit card or cash during your coaching. Once the reservation is confirmed, your coaching will be added to your calendar and you will receive a summary by e-mail.

How to ensure that chosen coaches have adequate skills?

  1. Clarity and transparency of profiles: We ask each coach to be as transparent as possible by detailing the Profile with experiences, trainings, social networks.
  2. Verification of personal data: We ensure that we check the identities, coordinates, certifications, diplomas and experience of each registered coach on our platform.
  3. evaluations: Evaluations and opinions are 100% authentic certified. Only people who completed a coaching session with the coach can leave an assessment. It is this community that assures you that the coaches meet your selection criteria.
  4. Selection criteria: Selection criteria have been set up by BFOX to select the best coaches available on the market. coaching

    I want to suspend my subscription?
    It is possible via the application to cancel your subscription at any time. For this, simply go to the menu, in the "My subscription" tab and click on "cancel my subscription". You will obviously enjoy the remaining last days of your subscription that you have already settled.

    Is the BFOX application free?
    You can download your free application on iOS or Android.

    How to cancel a coaching session?
    BBFOXs (coaches and coaches) will have the opportunity to cancel their coaching from the historical courses section in the application menu. Once, the service canceled the course will be removed from the agenda, the BBFOX will receive an e-mail to inform it that coaching has been canceled. An email will also be sent to the Fox to inform it that the request for coaching has been canceled.

    I have already paid my coaching but I have to cancel it, will I be refunded?
    Be sure to check on the profile of your coach its cancellation conditions (eg the cancellation is Free up to 48h / 24h / 8h before the session). If you fill the conditions for a free cancellation, the coach will take care of reimbursing you. If this is not the case, it is not required to repay you. Although BFOX is still listening to its FOXS and BBFOXS, BFOX has at no time have access to these transactions and can not reimburse the coach. BFOX does not intervene in the relationship between Fox and BBFOX.

    Other questions?
    Do not hesitate to send us an email to: . We will be delighted and delighted to answer you!

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